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Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon - Richard K. Morgan This book took me to nasty places, and it was too early in the journey that I had to resign myself to having committed my time to a crime novel — which is all well and good if it is intricate crimes and well thought out deaths that you're after, but the sci fi elements were so intriguing that I had high hopes they would take the main role and shine. Tis a pity the societal and ethical issues the novel brushed past were of far more interest to me than the crime itself, and I suppose it is my bad luck that I found the main character a mixture of bland and annoying, and managed developed no interest for any other character, or I would have levelled this babble up to four stars. But my expectations being immaterial, and the plot being extremely well crafted, this is by no means a book to shun for the seekers of futuristic crimes.